FastMiner I (SOLD OUT)

FastMiner™ I – 1 [TH/s] ASIC Miner


FastMiner I is one of the most powerful high-performance Bitcoin mining hardware on the market today.

The FastMiner I delivers unprecedented performance at 1 [TH/s] while maintaining an efficient power rating. It has been designed and optimized for standalone use by Bitcoin mining professionals who demand the very best cost/performance ratio available.
Key Features
  • Super simple usage: full control via simple to use preconfigured scripts
  • Proprietary PowerTune technology allows for both low power and high performance operation
  • Energy efficient: 28 [nm] chip design to save energy for the best possible cost / performance ratio
  • Alternative crypto currencies: mine for any alternative crypto currency that uses the SHA256 algorithm
  • Hashing speed in turbo mode up to 1000 [GH/s] ( + / - 20% )
  • Total maximum power usage in turbo mode: 1000 [W]
Shipping Schedule

The product will be shipped approximately in 6 weeks, starting from date of payment; we are an engineering company and we know very well our production pipeline, so we have much greater control on the process. Orders are shipped in order date priority, for orders write us on You will receive a confirmation email with all the details about shipment date and order status plus the details for the payment (Bitcoin payment).

Order Terms

28nm ASIC bitcoin mining products are shipped according to placement in the order queue. Delivery takes approximately 6 weeks after payment. All sales are final. To ensure you get only the best quality, guaranteed and supported FastMiners products, please make sure to purchase directly from our website. Please note that we don’t take any responsibility nor will give any support for products that were purchased from an unauthorized third party.


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