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Cloud Mining

We believe there are many different kind of people (and companies) that want to mine. Each possesses a different level of technical expertise as well as different kind of financial strength. But mining has to be available for everyone and therefore it is important that there is a player on the market that serves all kinds of people.

Imagine if you could rent your mining machine or a quarter of a machine instead of buying it. Then you could get started with less money and you could easily upgrade whenever it suits you. You would then not have to bother about all technical issues to set up your own machine. Imagine if you could actually decide what Hash-rate you would like to use for the next period and only pay for that. Or, if you are already into this game you probably would like to own your own high performance machine, but you rather have it in a datacenter with high security and proper air conditioner, avoid your own electricity cost and assure you are up and running the day after your purchase of your product.

Many prospective Bitcoin miners don’t have the space or power requirements to operate their own Bitcoin mining hardware, especially at scale. In addition, some foreign countries have import restrictions on advanced cryptocurrency hardware or punitively high duties, but our new mining contracts truly enable mining with no borders.

Unlike other cloud mining solutions, FastMiners builds its own hardware, so we can rapidly deploy multi-terahash solutions on-demand to the datacenter. The systems are monitored by a team of experienced engineers, assuring a controlled and secure managed environment.

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