About Us

A Few Words About Us

FastMiner is a product of ALSARO Sagl (Switzerland), a world-class engineering company focused on delivering high quality and reliable state-of-the-art hardware and software in the field of new and advanced technologies. FastMiners has been set up to create truly ground breaking mining equipment specifically designed and tailored for your needs; our mission is to become a reliable and trusted partner that delivers excellent products and services for the flourishing Bitcoin network. FastMiners will enhance the Bitcoin industry by offering high performance mining products in combination with innovative services; we firmly believe in the bitcoin’s original idea, thinking that the IT will donate one more time a new revolution for the world as we know today. The company focuses on high performance hardware products. Our outstanding services however simplify essentially crypto currency issues so that everyone is able to join. We have been assembling prototypes of Bitcoin miners since 2010, when GPUs used to be the best choice. Going rapidly through some FPGA mining prototypes, we are now delivering bitcoin mining devices based on next generation high performance ASIC mining chip. We have designed our product with the goal of providing the highest quality, especially concerning the overall system’s stability and its cooling. In order to provide top quality products we strictly control all stages of the finishing. After all, the Swiss made label is a quality assurance!



Our expertise is in software engineering, hardware design, embedded devices, manufacture and mechanical engineering. We are working hard so that our technologies match your expectations leading to highest customer satisfaction.